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With the utmost care & professionalism, I will do my best to make your experience with me a great one.


Semi-Permanent Eyebrows is a cosmetic tattoo intended to create a long lasting eyebrow makeup effect.  Similar to a body tattoo, pigment is implanted below the epidermal skin layer.  Pigment will remain in the skin for some time gradually fading over the next 2-5 years; depending on skin type, lifestyle, and upkeep.  Touchups are recommended to maintain the shape and keep the color looking vibrant.  

Here at Brows Made, we offer two different styles of Semi-Permanent Eyebrows - The Ombre & The Hybrid.  Each client will have a consultation at the beginning of their appointment where the Artists will be able to recommend the best style for each individual.


Beginner & advanced training is available in a group or private setting.  Please contact for the most detailed and current information.

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